ThingsCon goes Cologne

While ThingsCon – our endeavor to foster the creation of a human-centered and responsible Internet of Things – is growing steadily in 2017, I am personally excited to come back from the first ThingsCon Salon in Cologne! What a start! Pinning yet another city onto the ThingsCon events map, the first ThingsCon Salon was brimming with new faces – and had everything ThingsCon stands for: critical and speculative designs, deep and challenging discussions about the nature of objects and subjects, reflections on how to design and build hardware business models – and a great crowd of like- and open minded folks.

We were happy to host three wonderful speakers to kick off those discussions: Iohanna Nicenboim, a ThingsCon veteran and design researcher at the Connected Everyday Lab in Delft shared perspectives on the (changing) role of objects and people. She was seconded by a great and inspiring talk by Alice Rzezenko, researching on Smart Materials at the University of Wuppertal. To round things up we had David Grieshammer, interaction designer and researcher, talking about the clash of software and hardware paradigms, and what it means for connected objects.


Iohanna Nicenboim kicking off ThingsCon Salon Cologne

We were amazed by the great response of such a diverse and great audience and are very looking forward to round two! And to me personally this was a great step toward reaching into and contributing to the rich and diverse network of creatives in Cologne and beyond. Thank you, Cologne – we’ll be back!