ThingsCon15 in WIRED

[S]ome of the most interesting discussions centered on the need for sober, critical thinking about the Internet of Things.

One product of ThingsCon is the “IoT Manifesto.” Written by designers for other designers, it addresses high-level concerns about the IoT in the form of 10 pledges. Designers are encouraged to “build and promote a culture of privacy,” “empower users to be the master of their domain,” and be “deliberate about what data we collect.” Its most provocative pledge might be its first: “We don’t believe the hype.” It acknowledges an important fact about the Internet of Things: There’s a lot of action—but there’s also a lot of unconsidered design.


WIRED writes about ThingsCon, the IOT Manifesto and the importance of taking ethics, context, and impact into account when designing for the Internet of Things.

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