Futures of Europe

Earlier this year I started a new project that bridges my excitement for utopia and my interest in politics: Fed up with a lot of contras (contra populist, contra migrants, contra Trump, contra EU…) we took a step back and asked „What Europe do we want to live in?“


With this question in mind we took on to explore positive and desirable utopias for Europe, its cities, people, and communities. The project Futures of Europe is a series of workshops in Cologne, Copenhagen and Brussels, that sets out to bring together designers, futurists, artists as well ans neighbors and friends to ask „What future do we want to live in?“. It is supported by the FutureLab Europe program, an initiative by the European Policy Center, where I became a fellow earlier this year. I have the chance to team up with a small and great team, as well as some old friends and partners, and pursue new answers to questions of public space, cities, local communities, and more.

Futures of Europe is still on-going. In fact, we just held our first workshop in Cologne – funnily enough exactly parallel to the AfD’s (the German populist / new-right party’s) national convention in Cologne. It was a refreshing and interesting experience to bring together a bunch of interested people who, instead of going to the streets, voices their protest to negative and populist politics by exploring new, and desirable futures for all of us! The outcomes where intriguing little narratives from the future, which will be documented on our project blog soon.

Futures of Europe was a project by forrrest, our think tank on tech + society. Our next stop is Copenhagen in summer + a final wrap up in Brussel later this year!